EverMorning provides not only LED light OEM/ODM service but also LED Lighting Solutions. We have 20 years experience in electronic R&D and producing with 7 years experience in LED designing, therefore we are available to provide professional lighting solutions for many circumstances.

Following are the real cases:

  • Bank Lighting Solution

    In the year of 2012, EverMorning Co., Ltd has undertaken the lighting renovation project for ICBC branches in the great Quanzhou city. At the end of 2012, most of traditional lamps in the branches were replaced by our high efficient LED substitutes.

  • Underground Lighting Solution

     Anhai Hongta Community

    Underground car park requires 24hour lighting,that’s the best place to show LED Tubes performance.

    The property manager of Anhai Hongta Community considers EverMoring as a powerful and reliable LED lighting manufacturor, and made an agreement of using our T8 LED tubes for the new renovation in July 2013.

    After 3 months testing and evaluation, EverMorning’s T8 LED tubes save over 55% electricity fees for the community each month, which sets a good evergy saving sample of the local distric.

  • Home Lighting Solution

    evermorning led apartment decoration

    Apartment LED Lighting solution – simple renovation by the use of LED spotlight, LED downlight and LED tube.

    led apartment decoration

    Apartment LED lighting solution 2 – the combination of LED spotlight ,LED candle light and LED downlight.

    House LED lighting solution – LED downlight

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