Most EverMorning LED products are approved by International Safety Agencies. EverMorning has successfully gained certifications such as: CE Europe, RoHS, China Compulsory Certification etc. For further information on the approval status of EverMorning products, please e-mail our customer service center at zy@evermorning.com at your convenience.

CE Certificate of Compliance – Jinjiang Dayan Opto

RoHS Certificate of Conformity – Jinjiang Dayan Opto

EverMorning Hong Kong Business License

EM Lighting you Life – Trade Mark Registration Certificate

Jinjiang Dayan Opto Business License 2014

The Registration Form for Foreign Trade Manager

Jinjiang Dayan Opto Tax Registration Certificate

Certificate of Organization Code

Customs declaration entity registration certificate

Certificate of Scientific and Technological Enterprise

Certificate of Scientific and Technological Enterprise

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